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  • Space Adventure Pack in a box
  • Space Adventure Pack in a box
  • Space Adventure Pack in a box
  • Space Adventure Pack in a box

Space Adventure Pack in a box

  • Recommended Age: 6-7 Year Old
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These are the best Space Adventure Toys for your 6 year old!

TOY 1: Professor Noggin Outer Space:

Professor Noggin delves deep into Outer Space, exploring plants, starts, and solar systems. Explore the cosmos in this challenging trivia game that will have you guessing about everything under the sun, and some things over it. Card.topics include: Asteroids, Astronaut, Comets, Crater, Earth, Earths Moon, Eclipse, Galaxy, Galileo, General_Topic_Card, Hubble, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Meteor Shower, Neptune, Observatory, Pluto, Satellites, Saturn, Saturn V Rocket, Solar System, Space Shuttle, Space Stations, Stars (Part 1), Stars (Part 2), Sun, Telescopes, Uranus, Venus . .

TOY 2: I Dig Meteorite Rocks:
Truly an out of this world dig kit! Use the digging tool and brush to excavate your very own authentic meteorite from outer space. Comes with drawstring pouch for storing. Keep the cool rocks for paperweights and fun story-telling.

TOY 3: 3D Explorer Solar System:

Let's learn about space! With this amazing pop-up guide, young astronomers embark on a spectacular 3-D tour of the solar system, from the infernal surface of the sun to the deepest, darkest reaches of space. They explore each of the solar systems regions in detail; discover the planets, comets, and asteroids; experience the Apollo 11 lunar landing; hitch a ride on the International Space Station; and even traverse the dusty red surface of Mars. Filled with engaging and informative text, its an out-of-this-world look at the mysteries of space.

TOY 4: Magic School Bus Secrets of Space:

What a ride! The Magic School Bus science kits bring the books to life! In each kit, Ms. Frizzle takes students on a wild journey with over 10 hands-on experiments about Space, Germs, The Human Body or Rainbows. Each kit also contains a 20-page booklet that explains and explores, while teaching 'em about science in fun, exciting and meaningful ways. These great beginning science introductions include everything needed.


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