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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you're not satisfied with any item, return it within 30 days for a refund of its purchase price.
  • Privacy: We will not share any of your Information.
  • Safe and Secure: All personal information is secure using EV-SSL technology.

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Ebeanstalk Seal of Assurance

At Ebeanstalk, we want our customers to be confident that all purchases, customers, everything and everyone will be handled with highest degree of service, privacy and confidence.

  • Secure
    All transactions are secure, using SSL certificates with 256-bit Encryption Technology. For added security, we do not store credit card information — never have, never will.
  • In-Stock
    All toys, books and games are in stock and ready to ship the next business day, unless specified.
  • Customer Focused
    We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support to our customers. Should you need to contact us for any reason click here to see how.
  • Privacy
    We do not sell, rent or spam our customer database — never have, never will.

Bill of Rights

All ebeanstalk customers have the right to return any toy, book or game for a refund or credit. But please do in 30 days. Simply click here to see how.

All ebeanstalk customers have the right to tell us how they feel. And we want your feedback. Simply click here to get your voice heard. Or, feel free to review any item on the site, without having to purchase it. It’s our way to make sure we only have the best.

All ebeanstalk customers have the right to receive the best for their child or grandchild. All our toys, books and games have been selected, tested and approved by our team of experts. Click here to meet the team.

Should you feel that any of these rights have not been met, please let us know. We'll make it RIGHT.