Sibling Surprise Toys for 2-Year-Olds


Don't let the other child feel left out.
Add a sibling surprise toy to your order and make everyone happy.


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10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Set

It's Jumbo!

- Colorful, chunky, triangular chalk sticks are easy to grasp and won't roll away!
- Non-toxic chalk is great inside for chalkboards or paper, or outside for sidewalk fun!
- The unique shape will help develop the preferred grip for later writing skills.

Price: $1.49

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Barnyard Babies Sheep Ball

Introducing a whole new generation of Baby Gerties specially sized to fit perfectly in wee hands!

It is a fantastic baby toy. A perfect first sports ball for little ones, these Gertie Babies are made from the same soft, safe material used in all Gertie Balls.

Featuring farm animal designs with friendly, smiling faces, your baby will bounce and giggle with joy over these barnyard babies!


Looking For Farm Animal Toys? Look no further and click here!

Price: $4.50

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Brilliant Bumple Ball

Dont have a pump to inflate other balls?

Hedstroms Bumple ball comes with a special straw which makes inflating the Bumple ball a breeze! Once inflated, kids will love the knobby texture and large size.

9 inches in diameter

Price: $4.85

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Finger Paint Set

Dip your fingers...

- . . . into a jar of this gel-like finger paint and get inspired!
- Four vibrant finger paints come in 3.5 ounce plastic jars with wide, easy-grip, screw-on lids.
- Non-toxic, washable paint.

Price: $5.60

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A Visit To The Doctor

With a dose of fun and a spoonful of silly, kids will love reading along with this sweet story as they learn what to expect at a checkup with the doctor.

This whimsical story about a child 's trip to the doctor will help your little one understand that visiting the doctor 's office is a part of growing up.

As they read along, children will build confidence about going to the doctor and learn that there 's no reason to be afraid. In fact, it can be quite an adventure!

Price: $5.78

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Nemo 10in Ball

Finding Nemo Ball Make sure your little ones are keeping active

This Playball has a full 360 brightly colored print that is designed to keep children interested and ready for play."

Price: $5.90

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Seaside Sidekicks Sand Brick Building Set

Fill the mold with sand, level it off with the trowel, and create sand bricks in the sandbox or at the beach.

-Kids will love setting up their very own brick-making workshop or building site with molded plastic tools sized just for them.
-The colorful, easy-to-grasp pieces, designed to look like Taffy Sea Turtle and Clicker Crab, make it simple to create a whole row of bricks to make a mini sea wall.
-When the building is done, this two-piece set rinses clean and snaps together for convenient storage.

Price: $5.99

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Dr Seuss ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book

BIG A, little a, what begins with A? BIG Z, little z, what begins with Z?

With Dr Seuss as your guide, learning the alphabet is as easy as A, B, C.

From Aunt Annies Alligator to Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, your little one will laugh with glee at this simple, fun timeless book.

See all our Dr. Seuss for all ages!

Price: $6.49

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KUMON - Lets Color


Coloring-exercises for young children are often too complicated. This book begins with a simple skill - having a child scribble on a picture randomly. As children progress through the book, they slowly learn to color within designated lines.

Kumon takes the mini-step by mini-step to easily and enjoyably teach your kids wonderful lessons. Using crayons is an important precursor to learning to write with a pencil.

A little info on Kumon Workbooks;

They are based on the Kumon Method, an educational philosophy that aims at unlocking the full learning potential of each individual child. The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. As a result, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

See all our wonderful KUMON books here!

Price: $6.60

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Lamaze Mortimer the Moose Teethimal

Mortimer the Moose Teethimal

Mortimer the Moose Teethimal is an all-in-one rattle and teether that will keep baby happy with his bright colors, textured teething body, and crinkle and rattle sounds. Mortimer features bright colors and high-contrast patterns. His textured body is flexible, making it perfect for teething babies and enhances tactile exploration. The body is designed to be easy for baby to hold and the plush head is made with premium materials that Lamaze is known for. Lamaze inspires daily discoveries through toys created with delightful surprises that encourage baby to learn while playing.


Mortimer’s textured body is flexible, making him perfect for teething babies and enhances tactile exploration. The body is designed to be easy for baby to hold and the plush head is made with the premium materials used in all Lamaze soft toys.

About Lamaze Toys

We understand that what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy, and safe. Designed in conjunction with child development experts, Lamaze toys engage babies and provide parents with peace of mind. We make it easy for you to choose the products that are developmentally appropriate and most enjoyable for your baby. Most importantly, all of our items meet or exceed industry and consumer safety regulations. Lamaze toys will lead you and your child down a path of fun, healthy play and learning from birth through the early toddler years.

Price: $7.20

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Sudsy Fun Mitts - FISH

Rub a dub dub, great fun in the tub with these fun and whimsical child size bath-mitts.

- Encourage imaginative play and self-reliance while in the tub - as kids can clean behind the ears with ease.
- Super soft terry clothes is in a fun blue fish shape.
- Machine washable (of course) with convenient loops for drying (awesome!).

Price: $7.57

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Ill See You In The Morning Bed Book

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

- This dreamy little book is like a hug and a kiss goodnight.

- Reassuring and loving, it's sure to become a favorite part of every child's bedtime ritual.

- Mike Jolley has been working in children's publishing as a designer and art director for almost twenty years. He lives inthe United Kingdom.
Mique Moriuchi grew up in London, although her most memorable childhood years were spent in Japan. Shecurrently resides in the United Kingdom.

Price: $7.70

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Rainbow Stacker

Talk about a classic childhood toy!

- All the colors of the spectrum are represented. Remember R-O-Y-G-B-I-V ? *
- Eight smooth, easy-grasp wooden pieces.
- Stack them on the solid-wood base designed with rocking edges for safe and intriguing play.

- Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.5 x 3.5

Like Stacking Toys? See 'em all here!* Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet. R-O-Y-G-B-I-V !

Price: $7.95

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Dr Seuss - Mr Brown Can Moo Can You

Moo moo, buzz buzz, pop pop, klopp! Cock a doodle doo, hoo hoo, dibble dibble dopp!

- This board book edition is written and illustrated by the infamous Dr Seuss and is one of our silliest baby books!
- There is not a sound Mr Brown cannot do, from a gum chewing hippo to goldfish kisses.
- The noisemakers are graphically illustrated and the sound effects are printed in big lettering.

From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere! Dr. Seuss has many funny and inspirational quotes. Check out all Dr. Seuss Books.

Price: $8.30

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Dinosaur Peg Puzzle

Introduce your toddler to a collection of colorful dinosaurs!

This is a 6-piece wooden puzzle with easy-grasp pegs and pictures under each piece - so it's perfect for your toddler

Simple pieces present an I can do it myself! experience.

This is also great way to introduce your youngster to the fascinating creatures who lived when the Earth was young.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.75 x 0.75 Packaged'

Price: $8.49

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