Sibling Surprise Toys for 4-Year-Olds


Don't let the other child feel left out.
Add a sibling surprise toy to your order and make everyone happy.


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10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Set

It's Jumbo!

- Colorful, chunky, triangular chalk sticks are easy to grasp and won't roll away!
- Non-toxic chalk is great inside for chalkboards or paper, or outside for sidewalk fun!
- The unique shape will help develop the preferred grip for later writing skills.

Price: $3.20

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Mad Libs Grand Slam
Let the games begin!

-Put on your jersey and step up to the bat for some fill-in-the-blanks about America's favorite pastime.
-With 21 stories about the game, the ballpark cuisine, the legends, and the glory, you'll be singing, 'Take me out to the __________________ [noun] game!'
-48 Pages
Price: $4.40

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Fairy Princess Coloring Pad

Fifty beautiful pictures with room for lots of pink!

- Oversized 11 x 14 premium white bond paper, featuring outline drawings of fairies, princesses, and more.
- The pages are printed on one side only, so that the colorful masterpieces won't smudge.
- The pages tear out cleanly to allow more than one child to color simultaneously and for proud display once completed!

Price: $4.40

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Barnyard Babies Sheep Ball

Introducing a whole new generation of Baby Gerties specially sized to fit perfectly in wee hands!

It is a fantastic baby toy. A perfect first sports ball for little ones, these Gertie Babies are made from the same soft, safe material used in all Gertie Balls.

Featuring farm animal designs with friendly, smiling faces, your baby will bounce and giggle with joy over these barnyard babies!


Looking For Farm Animal Toys? Look no further and click here!

Price: $4.50

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Sea Mate Eraser Box Set

They're all the rage.

Trust us.

- Comes with 7 Sea themed erasers in a storage box (Can be different varieties than shown in picture)
- Original Iwako Puzzle Erasers
- Made in Japan.

- By the way, you may want to get a few. You'll want more for gifts, etc.

Price: $4.99

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Jumbo Coloring Pad Blue


- An oversized coloring book where the outline drawing appears on one side only, so that your child's masterpiece won't smudge.
- The 11 x 14 paper is premium white bond and the pages tear out cleanly to allow more than one child to color simultaneously and for proud display once completed!
- Fifty favorite themes, including animals, sports and vehicles are just waiting for the imagination of your artist to color.

Dimensions: 0.25

_ x 11

_ x 14

_ Packaged

Price: $5.23

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Color By Dots

The perfect 1st coloring book.  Follow the simple color key to complete animal-filled illustrations to learn colors, promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  

There are 40 unique designs and complexity increases toward the back of the book, so there's something for every skill level!

Price: $5.40

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The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit
With help from Mama and Papa (who get a little advice from Grizzly Gran), Sister Bear learns to stop her nervous nail biting before it turns into a bad habit.

About the Author

-Stan and Jan Berenstain were both born in 1923 in Philadelphia.They didn't know each other as children but met later at school at the Philadelphia College of Art.They liked each other right away and found out that the both enjoyed the same kinds of books plays music and art.During World War II Stan was a medical assistant in the Army and Jan worked in an airplane factory.When the war was over they got married and began to work together as artists and writers primarily drawing cartoons for popular magazines. -After having their two sons Leo and Michael the Berenstains decided to write some funny children's books that their children and other children could read and enjoy.Their first published children's book was calledThe Big Honey Hunt.It was about a family of bears who later became known as the 'Berenstain Bears.
Price: $5.50

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The Berenstain Bears And The Tooth Fairy

When Sister Bear notices that she has a loose tooth, she can't wait for it to fall out so that the Tooth Fairy will come and leave a quarter under her pillow.
But then Sister finds out that her best friend, Lizzy Bruin, got even more for the last tooth she lost! What is the Tooth Fairy thinking? Mama and Papa give her good advice while Sister waits for the Tooth Fairy's next visit.

Price: $5.50

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Mia Dances Back To School
In Mia Dances Back to School!, ballet-loving kitten Mia puts on her favorite tutu for her first day back at school. Shes so excited!

-Then she finds out shes not in the same class with her best friends Ruby and Anna, and shes not excited any more. Mias upset and nervous!
-Kids will root for Mia to find her way in her new class in this 8x8 storybook.
-Bright illustrations by Olga and Aleksey Ivanov add to the fun, and a full page of stickers featuring Mia and her giraffe and hippo friends will delight readers.
-24 Pages
Price: $5.50

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Low Rider Mini

Start your engines, the new Hape Mini's are raring to go!

- Don't worry about the gas bill, these stylish cars run on imagination.

- All GREEN-built for lower green-house emissions.

- Collect all 8 to complete your collection.

- Make sure Dad doesn't steal it and bring to the office!

- Package size is 5.51 / 2.76 / 2.76

Toy cars and more!

Price: $5.50

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I'm A New Big Sister

Perfect for any new big sister, this endearing book addresses the excitement - and concern - a new baby can bring to an older sister.

The simple, lighthearted story and whimsical illustration help a big sister to adjust to the changes and understand that her importance hasn't changed a bit!

Price: $5.94

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Klutz Build A Book Little Kit

Klutz Build-a-Book Little Kit is jam-packed with all the supplies you need to build your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Everything comes tucked in a sleek reclosable bag. You will receive a 4"x4" wire-o-bound blank book (includes a pre-printed author page with 5 sheets awaiting your genius), one package of assorted foam shapes, five pairs of googly eyes, seven sheets of assorted designed and textured paper, a mini pen, and one essential glue stick. Klutz Build-a-Book kits are designed for kids of all ages (5 to 100 years) to build multi-sensory, multi-dimensional books on any topic imaginable. Spill your ideas onto the pages and create a keepsake to keep forever. 

This kit contains everything any kid needs to make their own unique book. The centerpiece is a mostly blank, wire-o bound book equipped with tear-out pages of simple how-to instruction and inspiration. A double-tipped pen and a bunch of craft supplies are provided, including a myriad of foam shapes, letters, googly eyes, and colorful Klutz-designed papers. Finally, a glue stick makes it easy for kids to stick their thoughts on the page. Mix these ingredients with a dash of kid genius, and the result is a one-of-a-kind book — and new family keepsake — to share, show off, and cherish.

Comes With: mostly blank book, double-sided custom papers in 25 pattern choices, foam shapes, letters, googly eyes, glue, double tipped pen


Price: $5.95

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TMNT 15 Ball

Your child will enjoy bouncing and tossing this 15 in. licensed vinyl playball featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


- 15 in. diameter vinyl ball

- Great for indoor and outdoor play


Price: $5.99

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4 pack Girls Characters

You build the workers, add stickers and then pretend to work in the city!


Modular Construction Toys take a new and unique approach to educational developing construction toys allowing true three-dimensional, fully modular construction of race track sets, highways, castles, railways ,cars and characters while developing abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception and creativity.


This set includes a Princess, Prince, Guard and Dancer

Price: $6.16

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