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Introduce your toddler to a collection of colorful dinosaurs! This is a 6-piece wooden puzzle with easy-grasp pegs and pictures under each piece - so it's perfect for your toddler Simple pieces presen...
Age: 24 month - 39 month
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How does a dinosaur go to school? Does he walk? Does he ride in a busy carpool? Does he drag his long tail? Is he late for the bus? Does he stomp all four feet? Does he make a big fuss? What would yo...
Age: 36 month - 5 years
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How do dinosaurs make cookies? The only way they know how--with lift-the-flaps and scratch-and-sniff cookie scents throughout!These classic, bestselling characters from Jane Yolen and Mark Teague are ...
Age: 39 month - 51 month
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