Top Selling 2 in 1 Puzzles for 3 Year Olds

These are the Top Selling 2 in 1 Puzzles for 3 Year Olds . At ebeanstalk we choose the best developmental 2 in 1 Puzzles. Our team of child-experts review and test thousands of 2 in 1 Puzzles. Then, they match every item to the ability of 3 Year Olds. It's because of this process that we at ebeanstalk can guarantee a child's fun.
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Mix It Up!To Solve the Puzzle: Mix up the twenty, two-sided puzzle pieces being sure to flip over at least half of them in the process. Then place any ground piece (the only pieces that have flowers...
Age: 48 month - 5 years
$25.00$20.00 (20% OFF)
C'mon . . . Let's go down to the farm and learn along the way ! - This fun construction game will challenge problem solving and develop fine motor skills.- Kids build their favorite farm animals. -...
Age: 42 month - 54 month
$17.00$13.60 (20% OFF)
A Barabie dress up puzzle - need we say more? -This is a 48 piece puzzle that lets you dress up Barbie any way you like - There are 7 outfits to mix and match - Dress Barbie with clings. - Puzzle ...
Age: 48 month
$7.99$6.39 (20% OFF)
Troll your imagination for ways to make any of these 4 creatures utterly scary or thoroughly huggable. -Build them separately or create the ultimate monstery ogre, or ogry monster. -It includes eas...
Age: 48 month
$40.00$32.00 (20% OFF)