New Exploration & Science Kits for 4 Year Olds $25-UNDER

These are the new Exploration & Science Kits for 4 Year Olds $25-UNDER. We add new Exploration & Science Kits to our site every year. At ebeanstalk we choose only the best developmental new toys for 4 Year Olds. Our team of child-experts review and test thousands of Exploration & Science Kits . Then, they match every item to the ability of 4 Year Olds. It's because of this process that we at ebeanstalk can guarantee a child's fun.
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Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy is a safe and fun educational make-it-yourself science kit that will have your child following clues and gathering evidence by matching fingerprints, testing po...
Age: 48 month
Get sleuthing! The Nancy B Crime Solver Scope is the perfect tool for investigating everyday mysteries from counterfeit-money detection to identifying the crumbs under your couch cushions! You can...
Age: 48 month
$21.95$16.99 (23% OFF)
What do you see in the sky at night? The moon and stars and maybe even another planet! But they're so far away. Let's bring them closer to home! - In this kit you'll find everything you need to br...
Age: 48 month - 5 years
$27.95$22.99 (18% OFF)