Musical Toys - Musical Instruments to help people with COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT

The Ebeanstalk experts have reviewed all the outstanding developmental toys that they have previously selected and have chosen those that would be most beneficial for Cognitive skill development. The deficient skills have been matched up with toys, books and games that would be most effective in the development of each specific need.

There is a very broad spectrum to describe the cognitive levels of individuals who need development in this area, and a wide range of toys to aid in this development. From simple blocks where the individual is saying the letter or the color, to puzzles and to science projects, cognitive ability can be enhanced. When using toys to increase cognitive proficiency, there are benefits in many other areas as well. These benefits, while having fun, may include small motor skill ability, socialization and boosting self-esteem, among others.

With Cognitive Development there are many skills that need to be improved and we identified appropriate toys, books and games to aid skill development. These include, but are not limited to Alphabet, Reading, Games and Puzzles. Since each person is unique, the specific toys that would be most beneficial depend on both the individual special need, plus the level of severity.

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