Games to help people with DYSLEXIA

The Ebeanstalk experts have reviewed all the outstanding developmental toys that they have previously selected and have chosen those that would be most beneficial for Dyslexia skill development. The deficient skills have been matched up with toys, books and games that would be most effective in the development of each specific need.

There is a wide range of common characteristics among those individuals who are diagnosed with Dyslexia. The areas that are most often compromised are alphabet and numbers recognition as well as reading and writing. Additionally, following directions and sequencing can be functions that need attention and there are many developmental toys such as work books, puzzles, as well as letter and number games that can be good tools in developing these needed skills. Also, those with Dyslexia may suffer from frustration and anxiety and it is very helpful for the individual to have various activities and developmental toys that help with relaxation and provide happiness. Within this diagnosis, there is a broad spectrum of the severity of compromised skills.

Because of many common characteristics among those individual who are diagnosed as Dyslexic, we identified appropriate toys, books and games to aid skill development. These include, but are not limited to Alphabet, Reading, Numbers, Shapes and Sequencing. As each person is unique, the specific toys that would be most beneficial depend on both the individual special need, plus the level of severity.

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