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About ebeanstalk....we started the company in 2006 with the premise that the children grow at a predictable pace. Yes, some may develop quicker than others while some develop more slowly - but in general kids develop at about the same rate. When they learn to walk. When they learn to talk. When they learn their abc's. But at the end of the day, while the probability and likelihood that any of kids will become the next Einstein is small, it does not mean that we won't give our kids the best tools to help them develop, learn and grow. The bottom line is that we will not, and should not settle for any less. We know it sounds cliche that 'the kids are our future' but it's the truth. So, let us start with the basics. The building blocks of good old fashioned (and some fangled ways) to help them become the best kids and young adults they can be. That is what we believe and that is what we strive for every day when we look through thousands upon thousands of the best learning and educational toys for your kids. And ours too. We hope you enjoy and our wonderfully unique assortment of items for kids.

We work hard so your child's fun is guaranteed.

Our team of child specialists brings a comprehensive approach to child development. Using their collective experiences, Shari, Andy, Deanie, Jenn, Barbara, and Gopi, ensure each and every facet of child development is covered. Specifically, they looked at over 10,000 toys, selected the best learning toys and matched each to a stage of development. They also create graduated play ideas for each toy, author the Instruction Cards, answer great FAQs, and much, much more.


Andy Eig, PhD Shari Harpaz Deanie Barth Barbara Greenspan gopi k. patel

Andy Eig


Clinical Psychologist


Skills: Social, Emotional

Shari Harpaz


Speech-Language Pathologist


Skills: Language, Imagination

Deanie Barth


Physical Therapist


Skills: Dexterity, Locomotion

Barbara Greenspan


Pediatric Occupational Therapist


Skills: Dexterity

Gopi K. Patel, MSE.d
Special Educator


Behavioral and Parent


Skills: Education, Emotional, Social