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  • Road Hog Trike
  • Road Hog Trike
  • Road Hog Trike
  • Road Hog Trike
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Road Hog Trike

  • 4.5
  • Brand: Airflow
  • Item Number: 800-024
  • Recommended Age: 2-3 Year Old
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Let's get ready to rumble (WITH WORKING HEADLIGHTS!)...down the road with this classic trike.

- This new Road Hog Trike is complete with Chrome Trim, Chrome Wheels, Leather Tassels and a NEW Leather seat.
- These beautiful 1936 replicas are a collectible for years to come, with the original Sky King trikes selling for over $3000, these great looking trikes are now affordable for the whole family and the future collectors of the replicas.
- Made of high quality steel and identical in every way to the Sky King of old.

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Why Our Experts Love It


This bike is truly a classic! It has such high quality construction and heirloom quality. It is an old-take on new trikes. Your little one will be the hit of the block on this fabulous mode of transportation!
  • Your little one will love to fly around the neighborhood in this Road Hog Trike ride-on toy. Your child can propel the plane forward by pedaling like a tricycle. As your little one pedals, the propeller spins.
  • Your little one can pretend to be a pilot.  Encourage him/her to tell you all about the exciting places he/she will travel to. Use this opportunity to bring out the globe and educate your child about countries and continents. You can also take out some book from the library about famous aviator, like Lindberg or Earhart.
  • Ride-on toys are great social tools. Your child will want to meet his/her friends out around the neighborhood and ride together
  • Invite some children over for an obstacle course. You can give our ribbons for different accomplishments, like fastest ride, most balanced, slow and stylish.
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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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