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  • Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Boombox
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Boombox

Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Boombox

  • 4.0
  • Brand: B Kids
  • Item Number: 036-010
  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Give your child hours of musical fun with the Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Boom Box Theatre.

This musical theatre toy features four of your child's favorite characters from the Yo Gabba Gabba TV series. The boom box opens to display these characters in Gabbaland. Simply press any button to activate the music or light effects. The boom box comes with four classic Yo Gabba Gabba songs and easily connects to your MP3 player for even more musical fun.


Yo Gabba Gabba

Four of your little one's favorite Yo Gabba Gabba characters stand on top of this boom box. The boom box even opens to show the Yo Gabba Gabba characters in Gabbaland.


This boom box features four classic Yo Gabba Gabba songs to entertain your child. Your little one can sing along and dance just like his or her favorite Yo Gabba Gabba characters.

Light effects

Four buttons on the boom box activate colorful light effects. Your child can light up Gabbaland for a dance party with just the push of a button.

Connects to your MP3 player

With an audio connector cable (sold separately), it is easy to connect your MP3 player to the boom box. Play all of your little one's favorite music through the boom box speakers for even more musical fun.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love Music. It is a great way for kids to express themselves.

Let your kids put on a dance contest and may the best dancer win!
  • Brain research has concluded that music helps lead the way for learning in other areas particularly in language abilities. Besides being a rugged colorful boom box with bright colors the musical exposure your child will get from this fun and educational toy will go a long way so its the perfect toddler toy.
  • This boom box features all your childs favorite characters and songs from Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • First keep the boom box closed and your child can activate all the lights on the front of it.  Have them use there imagination and tell you a story about there favorite gabba character.
  • Next show them how the boom box opens and they can play all there favorite songs and dance along with the characters.  You can incorporate other items into this scenario as well and have a big you gabba gabba dance party in gabbaland.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards