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  • Beginners Guide To Drawing
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Beginners Guide To Drawing

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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Keep it simple is something we try to live by.

And is what the Beginners Guide to Drawing does a great job at doing.

Created by an accredited elementary art teacher, these simple, fun examples help kids learn to draw using shapes and lines.

Basic art concepts are explained in easy to understand text and examples and at the end of the day, the finished product (your child's masterpieces) will be more that fridge-worthy.

Why Our Experts Love It

You gotta walk before you run. And learning to draw is no different.

This fantastic books breaks down drawing animals, trucks, and much more into the basics. It teaches the kids how a finished object, is really a combination of smaller shapes. And then it step by step shows how to create whatever you want.

We know drawing can be difficult, but with this set it will help you master basic art concepts. It is also a great way to build dexterity in those hands which will later teach your child how to hold a pencil correctly.
  • With this beginners guide to drawing the ideas are endless! There is so much your little one can do with this guide.
  • First, have them pick out what they want to draw. You can talk more about the picture they picked to reinforce their knowledge about the particular thing.
  • While they are drawing, take this opportunity to talk about what they are doing.
  • Next, when the picture is done, ask them to tell you a story about the picture they just drew to get their imagination flowing.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards