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  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  • Recommended Age: 3-5 Year Old
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INSIDE THIS VERY SPECIAL anniversary edition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, you'll find the complete, original text and illustrations by Dr. Seuss, along with 32 fascinating pages of commentary, footnotes and archival images - written and compiled by renowned collector and Seuss scholar Charles D. Cohen.

In chatty, conversational style, Cohen reflects upon Dr. Seuss's changing view of Christmas over the years and traces the evolution of the Grinch, his dog Max, and the inhabitants of Who-ville.

Also together for the first time are three rarely seen Seuss holiday offerings: Perfect Present, a poem about the fluff-footed, frizzle-topped, three-fingered Zift and why it makes the ideal gift; The Hoobub and the Grinch, a story about a con artist Grinch who sells pieces of green string; and the spiritually compelling painting and poem A Prayer for a Child.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love How the Grinch stole Christmas because this book teaches children about being nice to one another, which is a true virtue these days.

This book is also a classic and your little one can read the book and watch the movie as well.

Dr. Seuss is timeless. His rhymes are simple, effective and wonderfully rich. We love everything about these books. And they will forever be a staple in our library of books. We hope they will be in your library too.

Here is a little quote that we love:

And the Grinch

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