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  • String-Along Lacing Kit
  • String-Along Lacing Kit
  • String-Along Lacing Kit
  • String-Along Lacing Kit

String-Along Lacing Kit

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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String-Along Lacing Kit
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So simple, yet so effective!

- This String-Along Lacing Kit comes with a design board that kids can use to make wonderful patterns and designs.
- Just use the threaded Punch Pen to lace into the foam of the board.
- With 18 colorful laces, kids can use the 16 pattern cards for design ideas or come up with something unique.

Why Our Experts Love It

This sure is one multi-purpose stringing-lit!

That's because it's sure to spark your child's creativity, improve their dexterity and fine motor skills . . . even in the car as you travel.
  • String along lacing is a great tools for developing hand-eye coordination and teaching children how to complete a task.
  • At first your child will need your help to put the string into the pen hole. You may want to hold his/her hand to guide the string through the hole. After some practice, he/she will learn how to do this on his/her own.
  • In the beginning your little one will pull the string through the hole only part of the way. But as your child moves on to the other holes, he/she will figure out that the string needs to be pulled all the way through the first to have enough to finish lacing. This develops a child's problem-solving skills.
  • Your child will match the string colors to the designated color on the cards to create the pictures. This will help his/her color recognition.
  • As your little one gets tired of the pictures on the cards, he/she can draw his/her own picture on the back of the cards and use it to lace through. Or your child can glue a magazine cut out on the flip side, which he/she can use strings to make a picture.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years

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