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  • Recommended Age: 6-10 Year Old
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Zigzag your way around the game board, making squiggly paths as you trap and capture ( trapture ) little purple pegs.

- Surround a peg on four sides and it's yours-all the while preventing your opponent from doing the same.
- Choose carefully-don't get stuck with pieces you can't fit!
- Squiggle, strategize, and scheme to capture the most pegs.
- Includes Trapture game board, 24 vibrant, translucent squiggles pieces, and 13 translucent purple pegs.
- Great for all ages!
- For 2 players.

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Why Our Experts Love It

Kids love it...and so do parents. It's a great way to build strategic thinking.

The problem is, the kids will be winning before you know it.

  • What a great year the 6’s are. There a few milestones they may achieve and growing pains your typical 6-year-old may encounter.
  • May still be somewhat uncoordinated and gawky, yet will be able to dance to a beat.
  • Moving toward abstract thinking, developing reasoning skills and shifting from learning through observation and experience to learning via language and logic.
  • Growing more independent, yet feeling less secure.
  • Craving affection from parents and teachers.
  • Needs to win and may change rules to suit themselves.
  • Increasingly aware that others have may have different feelings.


  • Choking Hazard 8 - not for children under 8 years