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  • Bulls Eye Washer
  • Bulls Eye Washer
  • Bulls Eye Washer

Bulls Eye Washer

  • 3.5
  • Brand: Fundex
  • Item Number: 129-013
  • Recommended Age: 10-12 Year Old
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Who knew playing with washers could be so fun!

This game is similar to horseshoes but much more exciting!
- Players heave washers at the bulls eye target and score three points for hitting the center bulls eye cup and one point for landing it in the box but not in the cup.
- The first team to 21 wins!
- The game is completely portable and can be set up for all different skill levels.
- Includes two wooden boxes, four yellow washers, and four orange washers.

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Why Our Experts Love It

The last time we checked, you couldn't play horseshoes inside.

Bulls Eye Washer is such a cool game. It is like horseshoes but so much cooler. This is a fun game that the whole family can play. Take it on the road to the beach or camping!
  • Finger control is quite refined; stamina increases; can run and swim further
  • Can converse at an almost adult level; thinking is organized and logical
  • Reading may be a major interest
  • Has strong need for love and understanding, especially from mother; become more independent from the family.
  • Can be helpful, cheerful, and pleasant as well as rude, bossy, and selfish; may be quite sensitive and overly dramatic; emotions change quickly
  • Impatient; finds waiting for special events torturous
  • Favors group play, clubs, and team sports; wants to feel part of a group; more influenced by peer pressure
  • Forms stronger, more complex friendships and peer relationships. It becomes more emotionally important to have friends, especially of the same sex.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards