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  • Hop On Air Translucent Yellow
  • Hop On Air Translucent Yellow
  • Hop On Air Translucent Yellow
  • Hop On Air Translucent Yellow
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Hop On Air Translucent Yellow

  • 5.0
  • Brand: Gymnic
  • Item Number: 026-003
  • Recommended Age: 3-6 Year Old
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HIPPITY-HOP your way to fun (and better balance)!

- Gymnic & Rody Hop on Air 45 Hopping Ball Translucent Yellow 18 inch - This Hop Ball is the very best quality in hopping balls!
- Made from the super strong yet soft vinyl latex-free material for long lasting use and durability.
- Great exercise product for indoors and smooth safe outdoor surfaces.
- Promotes children`s body coordination, balance, lymph circulation and provides a fun workout while hopping on the ball.
- Special patented hand grip safety handle. Maximum sustainable weight up to 600 lbs based on the size of the ball.
- 18 inches.

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Why Our Experts Love It


We do not like stagnation or sitting in front of a TV.

This guy gets your child hopping around, inside or out. This very active toy will grow with your child, promising years of fun!

And great at burning off some extra-energy!Our physical therapist, Deanie, loves Hop-Balls because it's great at strengthening the core (stomach), helping with balance and getting kids to be more aware of their surroundings as they bounce around.

Overall, we tested lots of bouncing balls, and these Hop Balls were the best. We love this hopper.

It's a fun, durable toy that can be played with both inside and outside. This very active toy will grow with your child, promising years of fun. Great for getting the kids to burn-off all that excess kid energy and will provide a fun workout and they won't even know it!
  • At first just getting on the Hop! 45 Ball may be a challenge for your little one. But children love the feel of bouncing around.

  • You can help your child by standing behind him/her, supporting him/her on the ball and bouncing it up and down to the squeals of laughter.

  • As far as learning toys go, soon your child will master balancing on the ball, pushing with his feet and bouncing around on his/her own.

  • Try an extra challenge by having your child lift one foot in the air while balancing on the other and then switching  from one to another. How do you have to shift your weight on Hop! to stay bouncing in one place versus moving across the sidewalk?

  • Taking turns is such an important skill for children to learn as they begin to head-off to school and interact with more of their peers. Teach him/her that it’s just as fun to watch what happens when it’s his/her friends’ turn to hop, as when it’s his/her turn.

  • If you have multiple Hops! you can have races with your friends.

  • Or you can teach your child to beat the clock. Have each child take a turn and time them crossing a finish line. Can you beat your own time?

  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years
  • Choking Hazard Suffocation - children can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons.
    Adult supervision required.

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