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  • 4 n 1 Drum Set
  • 4 n 1 Drum Set
  • 4 n 1 Drum Set
  • 4 n 1 Drum Set
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4 n 1 Drum Set

  • Recommended Age: 2-3 Year Old
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This is SO much more than just your typical drum set.

This sets includes not just a drum but a tambourine, rattle and clacker attachments

All pieces attach to the drum base for easy storage and moms & dads love that!

Easy to take apart for musical fun, every piece features a handle for easy shaking

Why Our Experts Love It

Put on a Rock Show!

It's sure to spark a love of music in your child early on.

It's fun and educational. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and sensory perception. It will also instill an appreciation for rhythm and music in your child, even at the toddler age
  • This drum is an excellent way to introduce your little one to the world of sound and rhythm.  Sit on the floor with your toddler and let him/her explore the instrument on their own to see what he/she can do with it and see what sounds it makes.
  • Have your little one practice hitting the toy drum with the drumstick. It sounds different in different spots. Using the drumsticks will develop your childs muscles as well as his or her ears. Use words to describe the different sounds each spot makes – this spot sounds higher, this one is louder.
  • At first your child will play with the toy drum in a sitting position. Then he/she will walk as he plays for you. Next thing you know he/she will be leading the parade. Your little one will be able to pick up the rhythm and make up a little dance to the beat.
  • You can make up silly words to go with the sounds of the drum. Or you can pretend to play a familiar song and have your child sing along with you.
  • Try clapping out a beat and have your baby copy it on the drum. This will improve his/her listening skills.
  • Add some more instruments! Your child can improve his/her social skills by making a band with friends and putting on a concert. They can use costumes to dress-up and parade around the house in their own marching band.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards