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  • Cool Colors Nest & Stack Cups
  • Cool Colors Nest & Stack Cups
  • Cool Colors Nest & Stack Cups
  • Cool Colors Nest & Stack Cups
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Cool Colors Nest & Stack Cups

  • 5.0
  • Brand: Kid O
  • Item Number: 062-006
  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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These nest & stack cups are so versatile and cool.

- They can be used anywhere; the bath, outside, playroom, anywhere.
- Five brightly colored, graduated cups turn water play into a time of infinite discovery.
- On dry land, they stack together to form a bright, beautiful skyscraper or nest together to resemble a box of stars.
- Includes: 5 Graduated Cups

- Dimensions: 8in. L x 8in. W x 8in. H

Why Our Experts Love It

Stack N Nest Cups get our seal of approval because they are a super simple educational toy that will grow with your child!

Each cup is a different color and has a unique stimulating texture.

These cups can be stacked to create a tall tower or they can be nested within each other to save space (remember big to small!). You know everyone likes to save space!
  • First your child will take the stacking cups as more of a teether than for nesting & stacking.
  • Show him/her how you stack the cups on top of each other as well as inside on another. By using trial and error they will learn that the cups need to nest inside one another in a specific way. The same thing goes for stacking cups.
  • Utilize the cups as a learning tool. Start to teach your child about the different colors of the cups. Hand them the blue cup and have them hand you the yellow cups etc.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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