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  • Little Doctor Kit
  • Little Doctor Kit
  • Little Doctor Kit
  • Little Doctor Kit
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Little Doctor Kit

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Emergency! There's too much fun going on in the playroom!

This little doctors kit from iPlay features:

- Electronic stethoscope that makes heartbeat and coughing sounds
- Blood pressure gauge with arm cuff, pump and spinning dial
- Doctor bag for those house calls
- Reflex hammer (never quite understood those. . .)
- Thermometer for an accurate reading
- Squeaking syringe with the perfect dose of medicine
- Auriscope to look in those little ears
- Laryngoscope to peek at those sore throats
- And a pretend bandage to make any boo-boo better in no time.

Additional Information:

- Batteries included.

- DIMENSIONS: 8.75 X 3.75 X 9.75 PACKAGED

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Why Our Experts Love It

If your little one is intrigued by the doctor's office, get this set STAT!

We looked long and hard to find a Doctor kit for kids under 3 years of age (for safety reasons) and we found the winner by a long-shot! This set is perfect for the little ones because it comes with everything your child needs to be the best doctor ever. It will really spark imagination through pretend play.

Just don't get scared when they say you have a fever and your temperature is 1 Million degrees and you need to have coffee and cookies to make you feel better. That's a prescription for an afternoon full of fun!
  • Your child will need some help opening this doctor's kit. Let your little one dump all the instruments on the floor and explore each one to see what they do. This toy is a great 2 year old toy.
  • Explain to your toddler what the use of each tool is using two to three word phrases, like "listen to heart", "take temperature" or "give medicine."
  • Your child can pretend he/she is a doctor with you with the Medical Set, a doll or a stuffed animal. He/She will role play his/her own experiences with doctors. As your child role plays he/she discovers what he/she likes about being a doctor. This leads your toddler to discover more about himself/herself and who he/she wants to be in life.
  • Have your child take the lead role and play doctor with an assistant. The doctor gives directions to the assistant such as, "give a shot" or "look in the ears." This will develop your toddler's sense of confidence.
  • Your little one can also develop his/her social skills by inviting a friend to play. They can practice their concern over others and care giving abilities, using language like, "Don't worry, this is not going to hurt."
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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