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  • Nest and Stack Buckets
  • Nest and Stack Buckets
  • Nest and Stack Buckets
  • Nest and Stack Buckets
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Nest and Stack Buckets

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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Stacking and nesting play is an important part of your baby's development...AND THIS IS the baby toy for them.

- SHAPES: This shape-sorting bucket has 8 cups and 4 fun shapes.

- STACKING: Your little one will feel such a sense of accomplishment when he/she stacks the buckets to over three feet tall.



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Why Our Experts Love It

This is probably one of our FAVORITE toys at ebeanstalk!

We guarantee that your child will play with these for a long, long time. And here's why:

- Shape Sorter: great as a first shape-sorter to learn spatial relations.
- Stacking: Super high tower-stacking is not only fun to build, but even more fun to knock down!
- A Bath Toy: Great for bath-time fun, scooping up and pouring out water and making bucket-boats that float.
- Beach Time: Bring this versatile set to the beach to make castles in the sand (but you may want to leave the shapes at home).

See, we really love this for it's 'learning' nature as well as it's versatility.

Let's just say, for learning this one really stacks up!

  • Nest & Stack stackers are classic learning toys that teach your baby the spatial relationship of different sizes of the same object.
  • At first your child will learn to nest the cups within each other through trial and error. Sit on the floor and show him/her the different sizes of cups. Line them up in a row from large to small, then put them in each other.
  • Later on, you can show your infant how to build a tower by stacking the cups on top of each other. Let him/her knock it down and enjoy the giggles!
  • You can use the cups to begin to teach colors to your child. Just be sure to differentiate between the color of the cups. Point to the color and say the name aloud. Have your toddler practice repeating the colors back to you as you say them.
  • You can also teach your little one the words, "Big, Bigger and Biggest" or "Small, Smaller and Smallest." Ask him/her, "What color is the biggest cup?"

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards