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  • Super Spiral Play Tower
  • Super Spiral Play Tower
  • Super Spiral Play Tower
  • Super Spiral Play Tower
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Super Spiral Play Tower

  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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If you have to get just one toy for a one-year-old, GET THIS!!

Super Spiral Play Tower has adorable little characters and plenty of action to stimulate your child.

- It features a cute penguin that swirls around the track.
- Two weighted balls twist down the spiral and slide into different slots.
- And a green frog slides down a chute and makes a funny sound that ends with a ping of a bell.
- The frog also doubles as a kazoo!

Other Helpful Info:

- BPA/PVC Free.
- Easy to assemble.
- Dimensions: 13.75 X 6.75 X 11.5

Why Our Experts Love It

The Super Spiral Play Tower is our favorite one year old toy...and we suppose yours too since it's our # 1 seller! Do not just take our word for it; our team of moms called our MotherBoard, loved Super Spiral beyond belief and rated it the highest of any toy on the site.

Why we love it so much:

- It's a fantastic way for children to learn cause and effect through the tower's use of sounds and motion.
- No batteries (which we love) for just good ole-fashioned fun and learning.
- Great for hand-eye-coordination as the child puts the balls at the top of the tower and the frog into the chute.
- Then they do it again (and again). There is something very calming about this toy. We suppose it's because it's so simple yet effective.

Watch the video to see Keri show you the super simple, yet super awesome, Super Spiral.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards