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  • Buttercup Doll - Asthma Allergy  Friendly
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Buttercup Doll - Asthma Allergy Friendly

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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Buttercup Doll measures 11 tall perfect for cuddling with confidence.

- This sweet dolly gets her name from her buttery yellow outfit complete with a yellow cap. Her inviting smile and soft features make her the perfect companion for a snuggle, a car ride or tucked under the covers all night.

Certified asthma and allergy friendly.

- Toys with the asthma and allergy friendly certification mark are an ideal choice for those concerned with asthma and allergies. Toys bearing the asthma and allergy friendly certification mark have been scientifically tested and shown to be more suitable for people with asthma and certain types of allergies.

- These toys can be washed frequently to keep allergen levels low, and they do not contain harmful chemicals at levels known to trigger symptoms.

- The asthma and allergy friendly involves rigorous testing that includes: Surface and stuffing material analysis, allergen loading and demonstration of successful eradication, multiple machine wash testing, quality and safety testing.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love this cute doll because she is adorable and super soft for baby's delicate hands to hold and play! She is the perfect first doll for baby (or toddler)!

She makes a fantastic and unique baby gift as well.

  • Pretend play is so important to your little ones growing creativity and imagination. Your child will enjoy pretending that Buttercup is their baby. She will mimic your nurturing actions with her own child like feeding her changing her and bathing her. This also creates a sense of bonding as she gains an appreciation for the things you do for her.

  • Your child may be insisting on dressing themselves each day. What better way to practice these new skills than on Buttercup?

  • Take some time to sit with your child as she play acts with Buttercup. Its a great time to improve her vocabulary. Help your child recognize parts of her body or practice her action words like clap hands or rub eyes.

  • When children are first learning how to express their emotions its easier for them to talk about themselves in the third person rather than in the first person. So you can use Buttercup to help your baby begin to understand her emotions by talking about how Buttercup may be feeling. For example Buttercup feels angry today because its raining outside and she cant go for a walk.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards