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  • Klutz Build A Book Little Kit

Klutz Build A Book Little Kit

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  • Brand: Klutz
  • Item Number: 236-025
  • Recommended Age: 3-12 Year Old
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Klutz Build-a-Book Little Kit is jam-packed with all the supplies you need to build your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Everything comes tucked in a sleek reclosable bag. You will receive a 4"x4" wire-o-bound blank book (includes a pre-printed author page with 5 sheets awaiting your genius), one package of assorted foam shapes, five pairs of googly eyes, seven sheets of assorted designed and textured paper, a mini pen, and one essential glue stick. Klutz Build-a-Book kits are designed for kids of all ages (5 to 100 years) to build multi-sensory, multi-dimensional books on any topic imaginable. Spill your ideas onto the pages and create a keepsake to keep forever. 

This kit contains everything any kid needs to make their own unique book. The centerpiece is a mostly blank, wire-o bound book equipped with tear-out pages of simple how-to instruction and inspiration. A double-tipped pen and a bunch of craft supplies are provided, including a myriad of foam shapes, letters, googly eyes, and colorful Klutz-designed papers. Finally, a glue stick makes it easy for kids to stick their thoughts on the page. Mix these ingredients with a dash of kid genius, and the result is a one-of-a-kind book — and new family keepsake — to share, show off, and cherish.

Comes With: mostly blank book, double-sided custom papers in 25 pattern choices, foam shapes, letters, googly eyes, glue, double tipped pen


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