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  • Cubic CrocoBloco
  • Cubic CrocoBloco
  • Cubic CrocoBloco
  • Cubic CrocoBloco
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Cubic CrocoBloco

  • 5.0
  • Brand: Ks Kids
  • Item Number: 039-018
  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Cubic CrocoBloco
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From contented smile to flowered tail, Cubic CrocoBloco is one playful number toy.

- Make Croc tiny or make him long and lean. Make him fat. Imagine that. Four vibrant, interlocking block sections to add whatever length or girth to Croco that your child desires!

- Stack the tactile number blocks, interlock them in a variety of configurations. The raised textured surfaces, notches, and divots add to the learning fun.

- Cubic CrocoBloco brings toddlers joy AND improves fine motor skills, logic, and sensory awareness. He's one snappy character.

- Cubic CrocoBloco adds up to toddler fun with his engaging Crocodile head and tail pieces each with attached mobile legs.

- Vibrant, tactile number blocks 1, 2, 3, 4.

- Encourages fine motor skills, logic and sensory awareness.

Why Our Experts Love It

What we love about Mr. Crocodile is that he is engaging for children of all ages.

He encourages fine motor skills, logic and sensory awareness. Your child can use this toy for sensory and feel the different textures that Mr. Crocodile has to offer. He has vibrant colors that will help engage your children and also has numbers on the side of his belly to help teach your little one about counting.

Your children will not even realize they are learning their colors and numbers because they have so much fun while playing with Mr. Crocodile.
  • Your child’s fine motor skills will slowly emerge when they determine which textures and colors are most appealing.
  • The crocodile has a intriguing look to it. Show your child crocobloco and let them play with it. Give them some time to feel the cubic crocobloco and to see all the different colors he has to offer.
  • Talk about crocodiles. Where do crocodiles live? How big do crocodiles get? Get them interested in the crocodile which makes learning FUN!
  • Talk about the numbers Mr. Crocobloco has on him. Ask them to show you the number 3.
  • It is an engaging toy that is going to keep your baby entertained and happy.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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