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  • Monkey In The Mirror
  • Monkey In The Mirror
  • Monkey In The Mirror
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Monkey In The Mirror

  • 4.0
  • Brand: Lamaze
  • Item Number: 108-052
  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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For babies, tummy time is an important exercise in the development of growing muscles.

Perfect for tummy time fun as well as self-discovery, the adorable Lamaze Monkey in the Mirror features a cute monkey face. The mirror play helps baby learn how to focus, track images and explore the face.

With a high-quality, unbreakable, baby-safe mirror, brightly-colored fabric and high-contrast patterns for visual development, Lamaze Monkey in the Mirror also easily converts from an easel to a hanging mirror in two simple steps, allowing it to attach to a crib or be taken on the go!

Why Our Experts Love It

There's a monkey in the Mirror!

We love this mirror because it gives babies lots of tummy time! It also gives them a chance to do a lot of self-discovery and watch themselves laugh and make silly facial expressions.

We just love it!
  • Babies love to study faces, so they love to look in mirrors. Imagine their discovery the day they make the connection that the face they see in the mirror is their own. The Monkey in the Mirror helps with this moment of self-recognition.
  • Put the mirror on the ground for tummy time, an important way to strengthen the neck, back and arm muscles necessary for crawling.
  • In the next few months your infant will learn to play peek-a-boo with itself in the mirror. This will teach them the concept of object permanence — the face in the mirror comes back even though you can’t see it all the time.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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