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  • Stacker Pegs and Pegboard
  • Stacker Pegs and Pegboard
  • Stacker Pegs and Pegboard

Stacker Pegs and Pegboard

  • 5.0
  • Brand: Lauri
  • Item Number: 042-002
  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Peg It!

- The Tall Stacker Pegs & Pegboard features easy to grip unbreakable pegs that are great for:

- sorting
- counting
- adding
- subtracting
- making colorful designs

- This set comes with 25 pegs and 1 8 25 hole board.

Why Our Experts Love It

Tall Stacker Pegs & Pegboard are perfect for small hands!

The mat is super soft and the pegs just the right size. These stackable pegs will help to improve your child's hand-eye coordination, in an interesting, 3 dimensional way!

It will also help re-enforce colors & grouping. Also, it's made in such a way, that it's really easy for the child to manipulate, limiting frustration and encouraging continued play and exploration.
  • This Stacker Pegs & Pegboard allows your little one to build tall, tower-like structures while developing his/her fine motor skills. Begin with all of the pegs out of the board. At first your child will work on fitting one peg in each hole on the pegboard.
  • Next he/she will move on to stacking the pegs on top of each other in random order.
  • Sit with your child and sort the pegs into groups by color. Your little one may begin to build towers of pegs based on one color.
  • You can also develop your child's pre-math skills by counting the pegs of each color, or counting the pegs as he/she stacks them on top of each other.
  • Work on following directions using quantity and color (give me 1 blue peg)
  • You can play a game with the pegboard by creating a pattern for the child and leaving off the last peg in the series. Ask your toddler which peg should be next in order. For example, if the pattern is red, blue, red, blue, red, the next peg would be blue. You can move on to more complex patterns as your child masters the game. This product is great for a 2 year old but it can grow with them.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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