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  • Barnyard Shapes
  • Barnyard Shapes
  • Barnyard Shapes
  • Barnyard Shapes
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Barnyard Shapes

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Check out these cute barnyard animals.

- These adorable soft blocks have a Sheep, Cow, Chicken, circle, triangle and square shapes.
- They Feature a chime, rattle and squeaker plus fun and different textures for your little ones fingers!
- These barnyard shapes are such a fantastic

Plus they're cute and super soft for delicate hands! It's the perfect
baby gift.
  • These adorable soft blocks have different textures to help develop their sense of touch.
  • Normally soft balls and blocks are a challenge for little ones to get their hands around, or they are too small to be safe. These shapes are the perfect solution. They are soft so that a toddler can squeeze them in their hand and grab hold of them. When he/she does, the toy will emit a crinkle, rattle and chime.
  • Your child will love to grasp two shapes and see what happens as they bang them together. These are a great baby toy.
  • As your baby's upper body strength increases he/she will learn how to wind up and throw the shapes to you. But they may not be ready for the big leagues yet. Throwing is much easier for a child at this age than catching.
  • Before your child can catch a ball out of the air, practice by having them catch it on the floor. Roll the ball to them at a distance and have them trap it with their legs or their hands.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards