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  • Boing Bobble and Bounce
  • Boing Bobble and Bounce
  • Boing Bobble and Bounce
  • Boing Bobble and Bounce
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Boing Bobble and Bounce

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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Boing Bobble and Bounce
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Babies don't sit still, why should their toys?

- The Boing Bobble & Bounce is a perfect way to keep those bouncing babies happy with kooky characters and touchable textures that little fingers can't resist!
- The Boing Bobble & Bounce Baby Toy features 3 distinct happy critters with bright, vibrant colors for babies to explore.
- Each critter of the Boing Bobble & Bounce Baby Toy includes soft, textured pieces for tactile stimulation, which with every touch, sends the critters into action shaking their internal rattles to baby's delight!
- Plus, with a suction cup base, this bouncing bonanza Boing Bobble & Bounce Baby Toy adheres to most hard surfaces including highchairs and table tops.


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Why Our Experts Love It

Finally a toy to KIND-OF, MAYBE, JUST QUITE POSSIBLY get the kids to sit and focus while dinner is being prepared.

Your baby will love the bright colors, textures and the fact that...WOW it moves when I hit it!. It is fantastic for dexterity as your child swats

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards