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  • Classic Baby Beads
  • Classic Baby Beads
  • Classic Baby Beads
  • Classic Baby Beads
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Classic Baby Beads

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Keep baby stimulated and occupied with the Classic Baby Beads.

- The wooden beads are strung together with an elastic cord and can be manipulated into an endless number of configurations.
- It makes a clickey-clop sound with jumbled together.
- This classic toy is brightly colored with non-toxic, water-based finishes.

Why Our Experts Love It

The Classic Baby Beads are designed for tiny hands to handle.

It is an engaging sound making toy that your baby will just love, and don't forget about building dexterity - another great benefit of these Classic Baby Beads.
  • First, your little one is going to be very curious about the baby beads. Its a toy that can be maneuvered into many different shapes.
  • They are quickly going to learn that when they put the beads into many different shapes and then lay them out in their original position. This is great for cause and effect.
  • Show your little one how to pass the baby beads back in forth from one hand to another. That is great for their motor skills.
  • You can even put it on the ground and entice your little one to grab and crawl at it.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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