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  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Mr. Whoozit offers so many different types of textures for your child.

- Whoozit has a plethora of squishy shapes, squeakers, rattles, crinkle toys and unique textures which make it one of the most unique learning toys.
- Be certain to look for the special hidden mirror on Whoozit...He's one of our best Check out all our baby toys?

Why Our Experts Love It

We give Whoozit our seal of approval because it is well made with bold colors and shapes for your baby's ever sharpening senses!

It's a fantastic travel toy to easily entertain your baby while you are on the go in the stroller or car seat.

It really makes a fun and unique baby gift!
  • Whoozit is a great first toys to put in your infant's stroller or crib.
  • At birth, babies can see objects only a few inches in front of their face. In fact, newborns can not see color. You can help your baby's visual skills by placing the Whoozit in front of the baby at different distances so he/she can track the toys. As your infant's eyesight develops he/she will progress from seeing only the black and white, to seeing the entire spectrum of colors.
  • Take some time to explore the different textures and sights with your child. Use words to describe these to your baby. They will begin to discover the differences between things that he/she can feel and see.
  • Show your baby what happens as you pull on the legs of Whoozit. Take the child's hand and teach him/her how to grasp and pull on his/her own.
  • As your baby reaches the next level, the child can move from playing with the toys on his/her back, to sitting and holding this baby toy on his/her own.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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