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  • Baby Bathtime Set
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Baby Bathtime Set

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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This Baby is ready for a bath...are you?

Bath time can be very upsetting for some children so this set is a great way to help your child with those fears as they bath their own baby.

This set comes with a 9 soft vinyl doll

Why Our Experts Love It

Three little babies, sitting in the bath, b-a-t-h-i-n-g (we kinda sung it like the 'mary and johnny, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g . . . '

Anyway, it's a simple, fun, complete bathing-set that every kid will love.

The issue is that they may not want to get out of the bath.

But that's an ok problem to have.

  • Sometimes bath time is the only quiet time we get with the kids during the day – no TV, no activities, and no errands. So it’s a great time to create a sense of bonding with your child. This Bath time Baby will help you have fun while you get the job of cleaning done.

  • Pretend play is so important to your little ones growing creativity and imagination. Your child will enjoy pretending this baby is their baby. She will mimic your nurturing actions with her own child, like cleaning her just like your cleaning her now in the bath tub.

  • Your child may be insisting on washing themselves each day. What better way to practice these new skills than on bath time baby.

  • Take some time to sit with your child as he play acts with the bath time baby. Its a great time to improve her vocabulary. Help your child recognize parts of his body or practice his action words, like clap hands or rub eyes.

  • When children are first learning how to express their emotions, its easier for them to talk about themselves in the third person, rather than in the first person. So you can use bath time baby to help your baby begin to understand his emotions by talking about how the bath time baby may be feeling.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards