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  • Awareness Owl
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Awareness Owl

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-2 Year Old
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Owls are all the rage, your child will love this fun stuffed animal!

Soft fine knit fabrics, a sheer bow and embroidered detailing accent the pink corduroy body.

Mary Meyer Corporation will donate $2 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each Awareness Owl purchased.

Why Our Experts Love It

This is the stuff dreams are made for. This owl is so cute and adorable. Your little one will love it. And it is perfectly sized for small hands.
  • At first your child will love his/her owl. Explore the owl by identifying his feet, eyes and mouth. He is super soft and not rough!
  • What sound does a owl make? What do little owls like to eat? Explore all the unique characteristics of an owl. Enjoy.
  • Take this opportunity to talk with your child not only about owls but other animals that are awake at nighttime.
  • Foster your childs imagination. Take other animals from around the house and make your own jungle.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards