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  • Beginner Pattern Blocks
  • Beginner Pattern Blocks
  • Beginner Pattern Blocks
  • Beginner Pattern Blocks
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Beginner Pattern Blocks

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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They may be for beginners, but the sure teach alot!

Beginner Pattern Blocks feature ten brightly-painted, wooden patterns and 30 colorful shapes.
- Put-together to make pictures of a fish, a dog, a butterfly, flowers, a bird, and a fire engine.
It is one of the best at teaching spacial relations, dexterity and language.
Contains 35 pcs.


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Why Our Experts Love It

We just love durable & safe wooden toys!

Out of all of the toddler toys, this one is our favorite! Beginner Pattern Blocks are colorful, high-quality blocks that will teach your little one color and shape recognition, while using creativity and imagination!

Easy clean up with the wooden box makes it a parent favorite too!
  • There are a lot of children puzzles out there and they all work on shape recognition, but Beginner Pattern Blocks is a bit different. It not only teaches your child how to recognize simple shapes, but it teaches that more complex figures and patterns are made up of these simple shapes. For example, a fish is made up of an oval and a triangle for a tail.
  • At first your child will remove all the puzzle pieces of this toddler toy and fit them back into the holes on the puzzle through trial and error.
  • These boards have puzzles on both sides for twice the fun.
  • As your toddler picks up a piece of the puzzle, ask him/her what color and shape it is.
  • You can help your little one develop his/her listening skills and learn to follow directions by guiding him/her as he/she plays. Give your child simple one or two step directions, like "Put the purple circle onto the butterfly's face."
  • Once the puzzle is complete, ask your child to identify the animal or object on the puzzle.
  • Because this puzzle teaches that more complex figures are made of simple shapes it helps develop your child's observation skills. You can continue this with things your child encounters that are not on the puzzle, like a pizza slice is a triangle and a bicycle wheel is a circle. Developing this kind of observation skill will help your little one draw figures free-hand.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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