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  • Clicker Crab Toss and Grip
  • Clicker Crab Toss and Grip
  • Clicker Crab Toss and Grip
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Clicker Crab Toss and Grip

  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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Have a ball with this crab-ilious twist on a classic backyard game.

- Set includes:

- Two soft balls
- Two charming crabby catchers
- Each mitt has a velcro front surface and an adjustable strap on the back
- A great way to teach kids how to have a catch.
- Even though they're silly, they are innovative and fun!

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Why Our Experts Love It

We all take catching for granted. You throw the goes in the air...and you catch.

But catching is one of the most complicated things we do as a young child. At first, kids have to catch 'against' themselves. And as they get older, they can catch a ball with their hands. Getting used to one-handed catching takes some practice, which is just what these mitts are designed to do.

We love the Crab Catchers as an intro to gain confidence playing catch while they improve their hand-eye coordination. The catchers are perfectly sized for little hands. Just throw...catch...and stick to it!

Have you ever heard a crab giggle before?

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