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  • Fairy Princess Coloring Pad
  • Fairy Princess Coloring Pad
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Fairy Princess Coloring Pad

  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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Fifty beautiful pictures with room for lots of pink!

- Oversized 11 x 14 premium white bond paper, featuring outline drawings of fairies, princesses, and more.
- The pages are printed on one side only, so that the colorful masterpieces won't smudge.
- The pages tear out cleanly to allow more than one child to color simultaneously and for proud display once completed!

Why Our Experts Love It

50 pages of princess coloring will keep your princess and her friends busy on rainy days. Stay inside or outside the lines doesn't matter...this is guaranteed fun.


GET A FEW OF THESE. You'll be glad you did on a rainy day. Or when you need a gift for a birthday party and you don't want to run to the toy-store. Just reach into the closet, grab one, and BAM!, Mom's a hero.
  • With the Jumbo Coloring Pad the ideas are endless!!! There is so much your little one can do with this coloring pad.
  • First have her pick out her favorite picture to color, maybe its the unicorn or the princess. You can talk more about the picture she picked to reinforce her knowledge about that particular thing.
  • While she is coloring take this opportunity to talk about the colors she is using and why: if she is using pink for the princess dress as her why she is using that color
  • Next, when the picture is done ask her to tell you a story about the picture she just colored in to get her imagination flowing.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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