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  • Happy Giddy Tunnel
  • Happy Giddy Tunnel

Happy Giddy Tunnel

  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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Get children moving with these ready-for-fun play tunnels.

- Made of durable materials and bursting with colorful character art, these tunnels set up quickly for play time and fold up easily for convenient storage.
- Fun for indoor or backyard activity!

Dimensions: Almost 5 feet long by 1.5 feet wide

Why Our Experts Love It

Everyone likes to build a fort.

This is a super addition to any secret building your child creates. Your little one'imagination will run wild inside this it a castle, a rocket ship, a hiding place or a secret slumber party?
  • This toddler toy is a great tool to improve your childs muscle development and spatial relationships. Set up the tunnel for your child in a safe place. At first he/she may sit looking at the end of the tube, reluctant to enter it. You may need to sit at the other end and call to your child, encouraging him/her to crawl through it.
  • Set up an obstacle course for your child. This tunnel is a good way to practice taking turns with friends, since each child needs to get through the tube before the next child can pass.
  • You can pique your childs sense of discovery and observation by placing objects in the tube for him/her to collect as he/she crawls along. For example, you can put puzzle pieces in the tube and have your toddler complete the puzzle when they come out the other end.
  • Spark your little ones imagination by asking him/her where the tunnel leads to. You can tell him/her a story with a tunnel in it. In the middle of the story have them go through the tunnel and on the other end they will find out the storys ending. This is a physical way of understanding the storys beginning, middle and end.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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