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  • Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle
  • Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle
  • Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle
  • Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle
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Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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We love chunky puzzles!

- The ABC Chunky Puzzle is a thick, chunky, wooden puzzle that fits neatly into their spots on the colorful board.
- There are full-color pictures beneath each of the twenty-six puzzle pieces.

Contains: - 26 pcs


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Why Our Experts Love It

Ok, let's learn our ABC's...not just by saying them, but by recognizing them.

And you have to learn with capital letters first (at least that is what our experts say).

This is the easiest first puzzle for your little one; pictures under each piece help your child find the right destination for each piece!

The animals on each piece (b for bear) will help teach the sound of each letter. Your child will know his/her alphabet in no time!
  • As far as educational toys go, this classic wooden Jumbo ABC Puzzle is a great way to help your child with his/her letter recognition. Begin by singing the ABC's with your little one, pointing to each letter as you sing. Sing the song very slowly so they hear each letter, especially by "L, M, N, O, P". Many children hear this as one letter, but if you sing very slowly they begin to differentiate the 5 individual letters.
  • At first, your child may notice the pictures of the animals or objects on the letters.
  • Use the letters in your environment (street signs, store signs, etc.) to reinforce the look of the letters.
  • Review the pictures that are next to the letters with your child. Sound out the names of the pictures and explain that the letter is the first sound in that word, such as A for Alligator. Children hear word sounds, so you can teach that each letter has a sound. For example, the letter "B" makes a "Buh" sound.
  • You can ask him/her to identify the letter by the picture on it. For example, what letter has the picture of the zebra?
  • At first take out one letter and leave the others intact. It is a good idea to work with letters in the child's name ("J" for John) and say "Can you fix this for me?" Your child will feel immediately successful when they have just a few to fix. Work up to the whole alphabet when you are sure they can do it.

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