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  • Magnetic Hide and Seek Board
  • Magnetic Hide and Seek Board
  • Magnetic Hide and Seek Board
  • Magnetic Hide and Seek Board

Magnetic Hide and Seek Board

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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Can you find me?

- This exciting wooden activity board features nine hinged doors... when you open each door a colorful magnetic piece is revealed.
- Move the pieces behind different doors for guessing fun!
- Dimensions: 9. x 12

This exciting wooden activity board features nine hinged doors. This game enriches a child's imagination. This game is made up of exceptional quality and Value.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love this magnetic hide and seek game! It's fun and it enriches a child's imagination.

Watch as your little one creates their make-believe game or story.

We can't say enough how much we love our Melissa and Doug products. The magnetic hide and seek board is not only very high quality and very durable but the design and colors in this set amazes us.

This is a great set for teaching your child where things go. Such as the car goes in the garage. This is a very simple toy but the education factor has so many possibilities. We also love it because it is great for your children's dexterity. Opening and closing the doors and opening the latches. It is a great way to build dexterity into those delicate hands.
  • Children love to hide things away in secret little places. With the Hide & Seek Board your child will practice opening up different  doors. But all the doors do the same thing; they hide a magnetic piece.
  • Begin by placing this board on a hard flat surface and show your child how the doors of this toddler toy work.
  • Remind him/her of the things in your home that may go inside other things. The food goes inside the refrigerator; the trash goes inside the pail. Encourage the child to put things away in the right place, just like in his/her room or playroom.
  • Once your child has mastered the doors on the board, show your child how these doors are just like the different locks and fasteners around your house and have him/her try open or close some of those.
  • Magnets - this item contains magnets, not for children under 3 years of age