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  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
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Shapes Sound Puzzle

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Show me the oval shape!

- The Shapes Sound Puzzle has pieces of different shapes and colors that make sounds when they are placed in the right part of the puzzle.


- 9 pcs.

DIMENSIONS: 11.75 X 8.75

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Why Our Experts Love It

We just love durable & safe wooden toys!

The Shapes Sound Puzzle receives our seal of approval because it is a self-correcting puzzle that will teach your child his/her shapes in no time!

Underneath each piece there is an object that is that shape...your child will start to relate different objects to shapes!
  • This is a great puzzle because it reinforces the visual shape recognition with an audio cue. This will help your little one remember their shapes better. Also, it moves beyond beginning shapes by adding a pentagon, an octagon and a trapezoid.
  • Your child will begin by being able to place three to four of the puzzle pieces without help. With practice, he/she will recognize all the shapes on his/her own.
  • Have your toddler practice their language skills by naming the shape, its color and the picture hiding beneath it.
  • This puzzle is also great at sharpening your child’s observation skills because it connects the shapes to real world examples. For instance, a pizza slice is a triangle. Ask you child to think of other familiar items that are the same shape. You can extend this game past the puzzle and have your little one observe his/her surrounding while you are out around town. Play “I Spy” as he/she find shapes in everyday things.
  • Hide the pieces around the room and have your child play “hot/cold” to find them. When he/she finds a piece have him/her name the color and shape.
  • Ask your child to follow two or three step directions to hide the pieces himself/herself. For example, “Put the star under the table and the circle next to the chair.” This will improve his/her listening and sequencing skills.
  • Your toddler can take the pieces out of the puzzle and trace them on a piece of paper. Then he/she can use the shapes he/she drew to create a picture of a familiar item, like trace  an oval and turn it into an airplane.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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