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  • Wooden Farm Train
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Wooden Farm Train

  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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This busy wooden train is just what's needed to transport a new cow or take cans of milk, fruit and vegetable crates to market.

- Your young engineer's imagination will be engaged by the colorful engine and the three interchangeable cars.
- Hours of fun will be provided as your child loads and unloads the train cars and pretends to steer the train.

- Dimensions: 5 x 21 x 3 Packaged


Why Our Experts Love It

Hurry! The train is boarding!

We just love durable & safe wooden toys. With all of the different toys for three year olds out there, it's hard to choose a great one & this is the best.
  • Sit with your little one and explore the farm train with all its pieces. Show your child that the train is made up of many different cars that link together to make a long train that carries milk and produce from the farm.
  • Make "choo-choo" sounds as your child plays conductor, pulling the train along by the string. You can play a game with your little one by having him/her follow your directions. Tell him/her to go and pull the train. Then, when you say stop your child has to freeze. You can also use the words "fast" and "slow." This will develop good listening skills.
  • Your little conductor can make different creations by combining the pieces in different ways. As he/she picks up each piece, you can teach the name of each shape and color.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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