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  • Wooden Log Carrier
  • Wooden Log Carrier
  • Wooden Log Carrier
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Wooden Log Carrier

  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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Load-up and strap-down.

- This wooden big rig is up to the big job of hauling logs from the forest to the lumberyard!
- Five freshly sawn logs are held in place by an easy-release security strap to prevent the load from shifting on the open road.
- A great toy for the development of language, fine motor and imaginative play skills.

- Dimensions: 4.5 x 13.75 x 3.25 Packaged

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Why Our Experts Love It

We love this Wooden Log Carrier because it is handsomely crafted of wood, complete with removable logs.

It's time to hit the road. There's a cabin waiting to be built!
  • Your little one will love this sturdy wooden log carrier. Create a sense of bonding as you sit on the floor and roll the vehicle back and forth to each other. With this educational toy, you can improve your childs language skills by adding words to your actions, like car, drive, and go fast.
  • Your little one can practice making the sounds of these vehicles as they zoom about town. The car goes vroom!
  • You can lay blocks out across the floor to create a mini town or highway to drive down. Bring out people from other play sets to take rides in the vehicles. Maybe teddy bear becomes a race car driver for the day. Let your childs imaginations drive his/her playtime.
  • Invite friends over and have a race with two vehicles or more. This will improve your childs social skills.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards