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  • Learn To Dress Dragy
  • Learn To Dress Dragy
  • Learn To Dress Dragy
  • Learn To Dress Dragy
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Learn To Dress Dragy

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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There is no fire-breathing here!

- Dragy will help children to learn how to tie shoe laces, button buttons, zip zippers and buckle buckles.

- With a soft and fluffy stuffing.
- Very brightly-coloured and with several types of fasteners: laces, buckle, button, fastener and zip.
- Can be easily dressed and undressed.
- Thanks to its various fasteners, bit by bit, children learn to handle zips, buttons, buckles and laces so that, in the future, they learn to dress and undress themselves.
- The fun Dragy face helps to form an affectionate link between the child and the toy.
- The fastening elements are in a reasonable size, making them easy to handle for little hands.
- Approximate size: 12 inches

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Why Our Experts Love It

Not your typical Dragon - and that's why we love him!

Learn to Dress Dragy is our absolute favorite! He's a cuddly stuffed animal and an educational tool in one! This dragon is brightly colored and adorable to entice your little one to want to learn & play.

Buttons, zippers, strings, loops, hooks, snaps...he's got it all! Can you please help me tie my shoes?

Practice makes perfect - and Dragy helps to build confidence and dexterity (and give mom a well-deserved break).
  • Remove all the pieces from the Dinosaur Days felt board. Sit with your little one and ask him/her to describe each piece using a variety of adjectives. For example, the Stegosaurus has a long neck, spots etc. You may have to lead your child to help him/her think of ways to describe what he/she sees. "What does the Triceratops have on its head?"
  • As far as educational toys go, felt boards are a great way to envision a story. Tell your child a story using the board to move the characters around.
  • Next, create a scene with the dinosaurs and have your child make up a story. Try this as a joint activity by taking turns adding a sentence to the story and building on what the other person said.
  • Work on categories and subcategories by grouping the felt pieces by color, what they are or other descriptive characteristics. "Put together all the dinosaurs."
  • Turn this into a fishing game by making a fishing pole attaching a piece of Velcro to the end of a string. Catch a felt piece on your line before placing it on the board.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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