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  • Wobble Along Zebra
  • Wobble Along Zebra
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Wobble Along Zebra

  • 4.0
  • Brand: Parents
  • Item Number: 050-086
  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Zebra's are exotic and this zebra is fun because he wobbles around.

This plush, high-contrast zebra on wheels sports a mirror with encased beads that shake, rattle & roll as it waddles cheerfully along.

The zebra's wild zigzag pattern and bold, satiny-soft ribbons stimulate sensory awareness and encourage your child to practice their walking skills while developing their balance and coordination.

Features easy-pull action and pull cord with safety breakaway feature.

Why Our Experts Love It

It is super adorable and a great crawling toy for your little one!

We love pull toys. Pulling is actually a more advanced developmental milestone than pushing.

They will love pulling this adorable zebra all over the house!

  • This wobble along zebra is the perfect way to encourage your child to move from crawling to walking. At first your little one will play with the zebra while sitting in place. Ask your baby if he/she can make his/her legs wiggly like the zebra.
  • Then, you walk ahead of your child while pulling the zebra along. Your baby will follow the wiggling, clicking zebra with gleeful giggles.
  • Soon your child will walk holding your hand and pulling the zebra along in the other. Each step they take is reinforced by the happy sounds of the Wobble Along Zebra.
  • This will encourage your child to walk on his/her own while pulling the developmental toy zebra behind him/her.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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