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Corduroy Book

  • Recommended Age: 4-6 Year Old
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Corduroy Book
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A small teddy bear named Corduroy sits on the shelf of a department store and longs for someone to buy him.

- One afternoon, a little girl spots him and instantly decides he is the bear she has always wanted. Despite her excitement, the girl'mother refuses to buy Corduroy, pointing out that the missing button on his overalls makes him look old. Upon hearing this, Corduroy decides to search the store in hopes of finding the button.

- That night, he encounters many new sights, including the store'escalator and furniture department. After Corduroy'failed attempt to remove a sewn-on button atop a mattress, the store'security guard finds him and places him back on his original shelf.

- The next day, Corduroy awakes to find himself greeted by the smiling face of the girl from the previous day. She buys Corduroy and takes him home where she then replaces his lost button. As Corduroy looks at his new surroundings, he rejoices in the realization that he now has a home and a loving friend to take care of him.

The Lesson::Freeman'use of a character like Corduroy who appears to be flawed because of a useless overall strap conveys a valid moral lesson that even though something is not perfect, it is no less special. By utilizing a sense of childlike innocence and curiosity, Freeman creates a character with the kind of charm and sincerity that children and adults alike will find hard to resist. Published in many forms over the years, this version is a large format board book.

Why Our Experts Love It

Nothing is perfect. But everything is special in it's own way.

We love the lesson.

We love the book.

We love Corduroy.

This is a perfect book because it is a gentle and sweet tale. This book is a great one to pass on to your children'children. We love traditions and Corduroy helps keep them alive. It is a classic book that won't disappoint!

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