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  • Classic Walker Wagon
  • Classic Walker Wagon
  • Classic Walker Wagon
  • Classic Walker Wagon
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Classic Walker Wagon

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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This is one of our most popular toys for a baby or toddler.

- The Classic Walker Wagon has been updated to be STURDIER, HEAVIER and SLOWER MOVING than the original (this means, that as your child is learning to walk, the wagon won't 'push-out' away from them).

- It makes a gentle clicking sound as it moves about.

- Great for helping toddlers take their first steps.

- And doubles as a stuffed-animal transport toy.

- DIMENSIONS: 22 X 15 X 12

Why Our Experts Love It

We LOVE this toy. It does so many things.

- Out of the gate, this wagon is super hiqh-quality.
- It helps kids stand.
- It helps kids balance.
- It helps kids walk.
- It protects them from falling because of the unique slow-down mechanism on the wheels.
- It's a heavy-hauler of sorts, great for transporting blocks or other precious cargo.
- And it's gonna be around for years.

What can we say, the wagon is a classic. Not only will this kid love it, but their kids will as well.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards