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  • My First Big Flyer
  • My First Big Flyer
  • My First Big Flyer
  • My First Big Flyer
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My First Big Flyer

  • Recommended Age: 2-4 Year Old
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My First Big Flyer offers fun, fast riding at a great price!

Traction Tread on front wheel to hug the road so your child can take off without slipping or spinning out

Some other things we love about the first big flyer is the adjustable grow-with-me seat, the durable molded frame and the molded handgrips for a more comfortable ride.


- Body: 19.5 x 29.9 x 18.1
- Front Wheel: 10.75 x 1.75
- Rear Wheel: 5.5 x 2.5
- Weight Capacity: 49 pounds

Why Our Experts Love It

It's one of our favorite trikes...

- Low to the ground (think of it like a go-cart)
- Super sticky wheels for great cornering
- Adjustable seat to grow with a child
- Classic Radio Flyer styling and quality
- Take one for a test drive today

  • The biggest challenge your child faces with a ride-on toy is getting on or off the first time. On way to make him/her feel more comfortable is to have your child march in place. Then show him/her how to stand on one leg and entice him/her to do it. Once your child is ready, place his/her arms on each handle and hold the big flyer bike steady for as he/she swings his/her leg over. As your child gains confidence, encourage him/her to do it from both sides.

  • At first your child will need a push to show him/her how the Big Flyer moves. Most likely he/she will start by propelling it backwards. Hold enticing objects a few feet in front of the tricycle to encourage him/her to propel forward.

  • Your little one will most likely begin by moving both feet together. Once he/she has mastered this, gradually encourage him/her to alternate his feet in a reciprocal pattern.

  • As far as learning toys go, you can challenge your child further.  Build an obstacle course for him/her to maneuver around to fine tune his/her steering skills.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards