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  • The Practical Guide to Grandparenting
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The Practical Guide to Grandparenting

  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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The cool grandparent's activity and advice guide to bonding with their grandkids.

Whether they see their grandchildren once a month, once a week, or are their primary caregiver, all grandparents agree - today's world can be hectic. It's difficult to plan activities that can nurture their grandchildren and strengthen family bonds while still making those loving, lasting memories.

The practical guide to grandparenting, a follow-up to the successful the practical guide to weekend parenting, will help the modern grandparent come up with activities that will inspire their grandchildren's imaginations, open their minds to new ideas and concepts, and help develop their social skills. Each activity is accompanied by conversation starters, fun facts, and a personal anecdote from the authors.

Activities included are suitable for all ages and various periods of time, and tips are paired with every activity, discussing grandparent-specific problems, such as: the challenges of maintaining a relationship over long distances; navigating parenting conflicts between grandparents and parents; helping grandchildren cope with their parents' divorce. Whether they are on a fixed income or want to spoil the kids, have an hour or a week to plan, this helpful guide will assist the cool grandparent find activities that are both meaningful and enjoyable-for them as well as for the grandkids.

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