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  • Trained Horse
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Trained Horse

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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Trained Horse
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Only the friendliest and most easy-going horses are considered for the role of trained horses. After all, people learn to ride on them.

- Conservation Status: domesticated

Global Home: Worldwide

- Trained horses are the favorite of many children at the riding stables. They are often ridden for this reason.
- To prevent them from overexertion and injuries, they wear tendon boots on their legs.

Why Our Experts Love It

What a beauty!

We love the quality and attention to detail.

The Arabian Stallion is perfect for any little girl. It really sparks a child's imagination and creative play.
    Developmental Skills:
  • This trained horse is extraordinary for young girls who love to put on horse shows or competitions. This is a great set for any girl who loves horses and loves to use her imagination.
  • This horse will give your child a chance to have imaginary play and also learn about the background of horses. Parents can also incorporate responsibility with the Pinto Horse Gift Set by teaching their child how horses are kept clean, fed and how horses are taken care of.
  • By incorporating imaginative play and teaching your child about taking care of animals, your child will gain knowledge on responsibility.
  • Get the family together and let your child put on a horse show for you!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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